Evolve Vapors


Quitting cigarettes and making the switch to Vaping is a life-altering change.
Cigarettes are designed to keep you hooked; to keep smoking more & more.
Vaping is going to change that. Let’s guide you through the crucial, first 48 hours.



  • Start Vaping after having your lunch.
  • Vape as much as you want, even if it’s non-stop. You probably won’t let go.
  • Even though you are getting all the nicotine you need, the urge for a cigarette still exists as your body is missing the hundreds of addictive chemicals added by cigarette companies.
  • As a couple of hours pass, you'll probably feel wired (strung out), due to the excess nicotine intake



  • As you are ready to go to bed, vape as you tuck yourself in. You’d realize your wife and kids don't mind you vaping in bed.
  • This is when you realize how amazing this is. It's just too convenient.
  • You realize that even though you miss a traditional cigarette, your cravings are satisfied.
  • You finally fall asleep with a smile on your face. (Probably still holding on to the device)



  • As you vape non-stop, inhale deeper, and get ready to go to the bathroom, it hits you that you can take your vaporizer with you. No matchbox or lighter required.
  • You realize that vaping doesn't end in 5 minutes like a cigarette & that you’re in control.
  • As you're vaping and driving to work, you realize that it's more enjoyable and less polluted when the windows are up. You can now listen to your favorite tracks without the disturbing ambient noise.
  • Now you wonder why you ever dealt with the burnt cigarette taste.



  • You love the fact that you don't smell horrible, and that there is no bad aftertaste. Your friends & colleagues notice that you smell good.
  • As you go about your day, you realize that vaping is more satisfying, more convenient and more fun.



  • The day has gone by and you haven't smoked at all, and you thought a cigarette could never be substituted.
  • Time to take the litmus test. Light a cigarette in one hand, and hold your vaporizer in the other.Take a few drags of your cigarette. Then take a few drags from your vaporizer.
  • You realize that vaping gives you much more satisfaction than smoking. There is more vapor, better taste, and it completely satiates you.
  • This is the point of smoking, isn't it? A big cloud blowing out in front of you and satisfaction inside.



  • As you get ready for bed, you realize that you smell really clean. This is a completely distinctive and pleasant feeling.
  • You realize that this is the very first time you haven't smoked for so long, and still feel TOTALLY SATISFIED.

  • Congratulations, you're one of the 45 million people in the world who’ve accomplished this.
    We're sure it'll make a huge impact on your personal life. Ask your loved ones.
    & don’t forget to calculate your monthly savings!