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Something that prevents about 14 types of Cancer, comes in dozens of delectable flavors
& has countless other merits,deserves much more respect and adoration than it gets
For something so revolutionary, the name E-Liquid seems underwhelming and all of us should rather call them Vape Juices.
Vape Juices have 3 major ingredients and a minor additive, all of which are safe for your consumption.



  • PG helps in spreading the flavor rapidly and effectively & is commonly found in everyday substances such as frozen yogurt and frostings etc.
  • It is added to vape juices to reduce the thickness/consistency of the fluid so that it is convenient to use when using a starter vape device wherein minimal juice is brought into use and lesser vapor is produced. It has no taste and smell and is responsible for what we know as the ‘throat hit’.



  • VG has a sweetish taste and is an extremely viscous fluid and is primarily responsible for creating thick white mists. Vegetable glycerine is commonly found in everyday domestic products like baby food, baked goods, etc.
  • Advanced Vapers who use high-end Vape devices and vape at higher temperatures prefer higher VG concentrations in their e-liquids to fulfil their desire of producing thick vapor.



  • Food grade flavorings might be natural or artificial and are generally produced under guidelines for safety and are used in a plethora of products like ice creams, beverages, cakes and baked goods, etc.
  • Some e-liquids add sweeteners to generate an additional kick.



  • Contrary to popular belief, Nicotine is addictive but safe and it does not cause cancer. Tobacco clubbed with about 4000 chemicals found in cigarettes causes tons of diseases including cancer when consumed via smoke after combustion.
  • Many ex-smokers have successfully weaned off of their nicotine intake and are vaping without nicotine. It could take you some time to reach that stage, but it’s very much possible.



  • How safe and deliciously enjoyable your Vaping experience is going to be, mostly relies on the quality and blends that the company producing the vape juice maintains.
  • It comes down to the importance of buying from a vape juice manufacturer who’s ethical and always gets you consistent, safe and quality vape juices.
  • So, be aware of whom you’re dealing with, how ethical their business practices are and if they deliver what they promise?