Posted by Anubhav Verma

For all the men who are consistently trying to quit smoking, It is no secret that quitting smoking is one of the easiest things to do. They do it every weekend. The hard part is to avoid falling back to smoking once you have quit. But what if someone told you that you can enjoy “smoking” without actually smoking. Read on to find out.

First of all steps you need to find a source of inspiration to quit. Luckily there are plenty. Apparently, cigarettes make you inefficient and significantly hampers your sex life. Once you have taken a resolve, you need to go to and buy a quit smoking device. End smoking. Welcome to Vaping.

From here on it is pretty much simple. Whenever you feel like smoking take a long drag from your vaporizer. Inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale giant clouds of rich tobacco flavor. Start vaping in the evening, use it through the next day and at the end of the day hold a cigarette in one hand and your vape in the other. Pull from the vape first and then from the cigarette. Alas! You would finally be able to see cigarette as the disgusting, smelly thing it has always been. The best part is that you can practically carry your vape anywhere (even pilots vape in the cockpit).  If you are a light smoker you should use 6mg nicotine, regular ones would want to go for 12 mg and a heavy smoker can only be placated with 18mg.

After spending a month with your Vaporizer (Explorer), comes the really juicy part. Move beyond tobacco flavors and embrace sweety, nutty, chocolaty, tangy, sour, minty and dozens of other flavors. Your enhanced taste buds will open the realm of a completely different experience. Not just your food but even your perfume will smell different. Give it a try.