Posted by Anubhav Verma

Everything in India takes its own time to settle in. Its been more than 50 days since demonetisation but its still stuck in everybody's throat, refusing to go down. Same thing is with smoking in India. "Vape" was the oxford dictionary word of the year in 2014 but it was not until Di caprio (one of the more recognisable hollywood faces in India) showed up at the 2016 academy awards with a vape, it raised our curiosity. 

The bottomline is that here is something so much more convenient and safe. Once you switch to vaping, not only will you clean yourself from the mess of smoke and ash, you will save yourself from the ludicrously expensive market of traditional smoking. Yet vaping gets you really high and that is the whole point. What comes as a real treat now is that you have a whole range of flavors at your disposal like Cran Mellon Floss, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Nutty Banana Scone, Blueberry Munchkins, New York Cheese Cake, Strawberry Mousse, Vanilla Kappa, Watermelon Slurpee, Kahlua Iced Coffee, or even Smooth or Voluptous Cuban.

Vaping does two things that patches and gums cannot. First, it fulfils the mechanical action of inhaling a cloud of something from a small stick. Somehow, this is very important to some people. Second, it prevents you from becoming unsocial. It is awkwardly difficult to not smoke when everyone around you is and vaping ensures that you only have to quit the smoke and not the friends.

Plus, you won’t smell of smoke and it’s absolutely safe for people around you.

Vape on!