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Before we tell you if vaping could become an addiction, you need to know how smoking becomes an addiction.The addiction of smoking is driven by the presence of addictive drug in cigarettes which is nicotine. Nicotine is not a generally harmful to the body but it is accompanied by a cocktail of 4000 chemicals when you smoke cigarettes. So over time you generally increase your consumption of cigarettes. 

Now in case of vaporizers, nothing burns. A liquid is converted into vapor by heating. As the vapor is much smoother and more pleasant than cigarette smoke. Hence, while vaping your body gets accustomed to the pleasant experience 

Vaping is a way to make people switch from smoking deadly chemicals to harmless yet satisfying flavors.

If you fear that you’ll quit smoking but you’ll get addicted to vaping and you’ll end up just as bad, you are wrong. It is necessary to understand Vaping is not an addiction, it is a lifestyle.  something far more risk-free, far more delicious and far more in vogue!

So, bid your fears the final good-bye and say hello to Vaping!