Posted by Anubhav Verma

What is Vaping anyway. It is an act of using personal vaping device (not an e-cig) laden with a pure, mouth watering flavour (not a burnt one). As Vaping spreads round the globe more and more diverse flavors are coming up. With flavour the imagination is the only limit. Evolve has crafted juices like nutty banana scone, grape-o-jello, fruity green tea, minion yogurt, summer breeze, valentine breakfast and much more !


The essence of Vaping lies in flavors. Of course if you are looking to quit cigarettes then probably you should stick with the tobacco flavors for a month. But after that you should dive headfirst into the ocean of eliquid. A different world awaits you.
Start with something like morning coffee when you go to the loo in the morning. When you finish the tank  you can start with something like caramel tobacco to keep you in the groove for the rest of the day. Spend the nights with luxurious flavors like voluptuous cuban or tangy-rita. 
Vaping changes lives. All these years you thought you can only inhale the burnt flavor  of tobacco leaves. With vaping you can enjoy any flavour you want without the calories, tar, bad smell, smoke and most importantly without any health risks.