Posted by Anubhav Verma

The big news is that British American Tobacco, one of the five biggest tobacco brands in the world, just opened its first Vape store in Milan. This development comes only two weeks after, Phillip Morris (makers of Marlboro) launched its vaping device in UK. One may dismiss this as one of the usual exercises of big conglomerates foraying into new and emerging markets. And since Vaping industry is on a phenomenal rise, it's only natural that the bigwigs would want to get a piece of the pie.  But there is more to the story.


Cigarette sales have been showing a steady decline over the decades which is supplemented by Vape stores mushrooming around the globe. What’s more is that even 21 year old kids like Dan Greenall are earning laurels like Haines Watts Young Entrepreneur of the Year for starting his own Vaping company. All these things lend a glimpse of the much larger picture. Tobacco is dying and for good.

Essentially, vaping is one of the many fruits of technology which smokers are reaping now. Why wouldn’t somebody want to enjoy exotic cuban cigar without getting arrested (they are still illegal in the US), without spending a premium and best of all without the cancer. One might argue that a good cigar can last more than an hour but here is something you can suck on, practically the entire day. Smoking is essentially outclassed by vaping and it's only a matter of time, the larger populace realises it.