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Let’s do some simple math and figue out if this is true or not. Once a vaper procures a reliable vaping device, let’s compare his costs to a smoker’s costs:

  • vaping is cheaper than smoking

  • Cost of premium E-Liquid (10ml) = Rs. 399
  • Consumption of E-Liquid per day = 3 ml = Rs. 120/day
  • Pack of Cigarette = 20 cigarettes = Rs. 220/day
  • Savings after switching to Vaping:

1. Rs. 100/day

2. Rs. 700/week

3. Rs. 3000/month

4. Rs. 36000/year

Well, did you realize you can take a trip to Thailand or Andaman every year, with that money?

Vaping does save a substantial amount of money. But the best part is, it doesn’t kill you.