Posted by Anubhav Verma

Vaporizer? what did you say? Isn't that like those e-cigarettes. Online e cigarette stores in India are still not in huge numbers. So,this is the most common response of someone who gets a whiff of the buzzword “vaping”. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are often clubbed in the same category for the fact that both the devices are based on same technology. Though in reality, they are miles apart. For the sake of illustrating the difference, if an e-cigarette is at par with a taxicab then vaporizer would be your own premium sedan. Evolve is best e-cigarette brand in India.


  • The Taste   E-cigarette would not entertain much to personal preferences of the user while vaporizer is a device which bends to the user’s will. With a vaporizer you get to choose from more than six dozen flavors like chocolate fudge, caramel tobacco, blueberry munchkins, strawberry and cream, watermelon, berry bomb and the list goes on.

  • Voltage E-cigarettes are set to a single voltage which the user cannot mess with. Vaporizers allow you to regulate the voltage and thus control the amount of vapor the device is producing.

  • More Power One common complaint of e-cig users is that the experience just isn't like smoking.. Vaporizer are equipped with much more powerful batteries than e-cigs and hence deliver the throat hit smokers are looking for.

  • Durability  E-cigs are use and throw devices, just like cigarettes. Vaporizers on the other hand are salient devices which can last you a lifetime.

  • Nicotine Strength Vaporizer allows you to adjust the nicotine strength which makes the switch for smokers much easier. A heavy smoker might enjoy 18mg nicotine and an occasional one might just want to settle for 3mg.

  • All these differences combined still don’t give the whole picture. Vaping is a lifestyle which you grow into, while e-cigs are generic products which only try to mimic cigarettes, that too miserably.