Posted by Anubhav Verma

Vaping was the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2014 but it would be safe to assume that most people in India would not be familiar with the concept. Although, Vaping in India is getting more and more popular among the young generation.  So what do we call Vaping? Something that we have known for centuries. Ehookah.

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So why e Hookah pen is definitely meant to become the norm in India. Imagine this, you go to a liquor store and you are short on money. What makes you even shorter on money is the additional liability of buying two packs of cigarettes as of course there is no drinking sans smoking. With vaping you would be able to buy that extra premium liquor you have always coveted. Believe it or not but electronic hookah pen is way cheaper than cigarettes.

Think about it, with rising taxes on cigarettes every year, the prices get doubled every two years. It would be no sooner that a cigarette would cost more than a meal. Enter electric hookah. The vape only costs as much as a regular smoker spends on cigarettes in one month. What does the vape runs on ? E-liquids. And the best part is that they come in a variety of flavors.The cost of e-liquid supplies for a month is one third of the cost incurred on cigarettes in a month. So you can imagine how much money you would be saving. This doesn’t even include the additional money you are going to save by avoiding the occasional visits to the doctor. Because guess what? Quitting smoking is going to make you more fit than ever. You might say that we all have to die and there is no point quitting. But it might just be better idea not to cough your way into death.