Posted by Anubhav Verma


Mankind has enjoyed smoking for a good thousand years which would tell us this isn’t something entirely new. First there were pipes and chillums, then came cigar and then the modern invention of cigarettes. Nothing much changed in this time, tobacco was burned and smoke was inhaled.

Only in the twenty first century, did someone(a chinese) thought of an entirely new way to “smoke”. This way involved no burning! but then from where you would get the smoke? Seems like this guy really paid attention in fifth grade on evaporation. Water heats up to forms vapour which form clouds. Voila - ecigarette was born. Instead of smoke you inhale nicotine rich cloud. And if there is no burning, no toxic chemicals are produced. Hence, “smoking” is finally safe ! The cherry on the cake is that Vaping is 60% cheaper than smoking. 

ecig cheap cigarette

Now comes the even more interesting part. While cigarette makers were only able to experiment with a handful of flavors like menthol and clove, Vaping opens up the limitless possibilities. From caramel tobacco, iced coffee to water melon and vanilla, there are countless flavors you can enjoy. 

ecig explorer india

Now the next time you might be craving for chocolate cake, you might just want to pick up a vaporizer and take a long drag, filling your insides with exotic chocolate cloud. Not a bad idea at all.