How is vaping so much more enjoyable?

Besides the exotic flavors and the convenience, vaping delivers lung hits. With smoking, you are used to taking mouth hits, which are obviously smaller in volume (filling only your mouth with smoke). With vaping, you inhale directly to your lungs and fill them compeletly. The continuous long exhale is akin to a long sigh of relief. Intensely satisfying. You just have to try it, to know what we mean.
However, to enjoy lung hits, you must first start from the basic introductory devices like the explorer which are designed for mouth hits. In about 2-3 weeks, you’ll start to want longer breaths and more vapor. Then you will need to get a device like the brute to experience what vaping is really about.
(Vapor is very light because it does not contain any of the 4000+ toxic chemicals like cigarettes. Hence you can inhale a lot more vapor than you could with smoke. It takes a day or so to learn how to vape!!)

Is vaping safe?

Official reports from credible organizations such as Centre Disease of Control (CDC), American Heart Association and the UK govt explicitly state that vaping is safe. The UK govt has gone so far as to even say, “vaping should be prescribed to smokers”. The study further adds, “even the smokers who don’t want to quit will end up switching to vaping”.

How long does the liquid last?

If you smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day you will consume 2-2.5ml a day on a low wattage device like the Explorer, as compared to 1ml per day for those who smoke 5 cigarettes a day.

Is vaping cheaper?

Vaping is approximately 60 percent cheaper than smoking.
The math is pretty simple: At Rs 350 – Rs 400 per 10 ml bottle, and 2-2.5 ml consumption per day, a vaper will spend about Rs100 - Rs125 a day, as compared to 220 Rs a day with cigarettes.

Will I continue to have the urge to smoke?

Every person that has made the switch to vaping goes through the same experience. It is natural to want to try a cigarette in the intial switching days. However after the first 2 days once you try a cigarette it will taste horrible, make you feel disgusted, and make you realize that enough smoke is not being generated and that a cigarette doesn’t really satiateyou anymore. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to detest smoking, and even the smell of smoke.

Are ex-smokers really vaping sweet, dessert flavors, specially even in the morning?

Yes, even though as it may surprise you, ex smokers are vaping delectable flavors right from the time they wake up.
At Evolve, we have designed a simple graduation experience to rid you of the perpetual burnt taste to a world of flavors. Start with our Red/Classic tobacco, move on to the dark deep cigar flavors which have sweet undertones, slowly move on to the coffees and tea and finally dive into candies, desserts, and drinks.

How should i set up the brute?

We have created a video for setting up brute, click here to have a look