Founder's Message

The road to quitting smoking was treacherous and filled with failures. After many short and unsuccessful attempts by “trying to reduce” using Nicorette and consistently lying to myself, that tomorrow morning never came. Then I had a run in with Vaping.

It was past midnight on a friday and all of us boys were getting hammered, after a stressful high paced week. Then the inevitable happened: we ran out of cigarettes. Our dentist friend pulled out his vaping device, a plastic device with some sort of liquid inside and with no other options at hand, we used it all night. At 7 am while driving home, I stopped at the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes and I had an epiphany: it had been over six hours since I had smoked, and that too while drinking heavily.

This stuff worked. Although it tasted horrible, it worked. None of us smoked that night and none of us had complained. This was just unbelievable. This is how the idea of being a part of the vaping revolution came about.

We put together a team of specialists: electrical, mechanical, chemical engineers and research scientists. We dug deep into the health data and once we were convinced that vaping is safe, we started building the design and production teams. Over the next 9 months we did a deep industry dive, travelled all over the world, visited hundreds of factories, purchased over $10,000 worth of devices and products, did cumbersome testing, and Evolve was born.

The #1 reason why smokers turn to disposable E-cigs is because they don’t know where to start when looking to quit smoking. We understood the confusion they faced when they entered a vape shop, not knowing what to buy. So we created a full range: Devices to make the Switch, devices to use as Intermediary Vapes and a few Luxury Devices for avid vapers.

Nothing has been more important to us than your safety and everything we do is always centered around this philosophy. Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than knowing that we helped another individual avoid Cancer.


"Our motivation is the fact that we are helping smokers make the switch every day and avoid the perils of using cigarettes, the biggest of which is death from lung cancer."
Nothing is more important to us than your safety. We spare no costs, cut no corners and we demand perfection in all that we create. Nothing lesser is acceptable.