Our intoxicating twist on these scrumptious gourmet desserts. You’ll never encounter a problem these can’t fix!

Classic tiramisu made tipsy with nutty amaretto and coffee liqueur. The ultimate grown-up dessert!

Layers and layers of dense, moist-a-licious sin cake, that’s nothing short of being divine. It’s time to have your cake, and get drunk off of it too!

A smooth créme brûlée topped off with caramelized sugar and lush, sweet raspberries and a Kentucky bourbon twist. For moments in your life that require a little something special!

Drunken Master Pack

Rs. 2,200 ( Inclusive of all taxes )

( Three Flavors x 50ml )

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Drunken Master Pack includes 3 Flavors of 50ML each, of the same Nicotine mg as selected.

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