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Designed specifically for you, so that you can finally stop smoking.
Cutting edge technology and best in class materials guarantee a seamless switching experience.
Let the journey begin!


  • Thoughtfully designed for a heavy smoker.
  • Apt inhaling resistance produces intensely satisfying puffs.
  • Excellent flavor & vapor production at just the right heat level.
  • Convenient & upgradeable to a more powerful tank once you successfully make the switch.


  • Long lasting coils.
  • Maximized 5.5 ml tank capacity to ensure no refills for the whole day.
  • Perfectly sealed stainless steel and pyrex glass tank ensures that you never encounter a leak.
  • A minimal airflow port replicates the drag of a cigarette & ensures the same puff satisfaction.


  • LED screen that displays battery life and other settings.
  • Adjustable power that’ll come handy when you upgrade to a more powerful tank.
  • Massive 1600 mAh battery that will outlast even your longest days.
  • Pass through charging - when running out of battery, simply plug-in and continue to vape.
  • State of the art battery and electronic components get you a consistent vaping experience with each and every puff.

Explorer Mega

Rs. 4,099.00
Cigarette Explorer Brute
Regular (Marlboro Red, Classic Regular, Gold Flake Kings) 18mg 12mg
Light (Classic Mild, Dunhill Lights) 12mg 06mg
Ultra Light (Classic Ultra Mild, Dunhill Switch) 06mg 12mg
Occasional Smokers 06mg / 03mg 03mg / 00mg