A rich kaleidoscope of sweet and savory delights when you’re craving warm, gooey, fresh out of the bakery goodness. Munchies Managed!

Silky smooth, rich nutty taste of hazelnut praline to transport you into a decadent dessert land. Resistance is futile!

Warm, fluffy, straight-off-the-fryer donut goodness to glaze your senses. Crafted for the young, and the ones young-at-heart!

Say hello to soft, doughy, baked glory, bursting with buttery cinnamon swirls. Sugar, spice and mostly nice!

Stoner's Fantasy Pack

Rs. 3,000 ( Inclusive of all taxes )

( Three Flavors * 50ml )

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Stoner's Fantasy Pack includes 3 Flavors of 50ML each, of the same Nicotine mg as selected.

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